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Country Singer & Songwriter
Thea Lissi

The story of dynamic singer/songwriter Thea Lissi is one of many twists and turns but one that has weaved its way back to where it was always meant to be… in the home of Country music.

A native of Louisiana, Lissi was one of eleven children, situated smack dab in the middle of the lively clan. Although they hid it well, life was far from easy for Lissi’s family. Having endured unimaginable hardships, Lissi found herself dancing & writing as an escape from the turmoil and a form of therapy.

When she was just 13 years old, her father was sent to prison, leaving behind a shattered family already struggling to make ends meet. Sadly, the pain didn’t end there. Just one year after graduating high school, Lissi’s father tragically took his own life and within 6 months of his death, her last living Grandparents also passed away. The weight of these experiences could have crushed her spirit, but instead, they ignited an unquenchable fire within her. A determination to make sure her life had a purpose bigger than the pain she had experienced.

Already an accomplished dancer and Pop/R&B artist, Lissi now finds herself treading the same path as female trailblazers such as Lainey Wilson and Shania Twain, pushing through adversity to offer up her own addictive brand of ‘musical jambalaya’ with songs that immerse listeners into the depths of her swampy soul.

She’s no longer hiding her bruises. She’s tired of pretending that life has been this happy place absent of challenges. She’s so over trying to put up a barrier between the world and her heart. “I’m all for moving on and being a victor over these things, but it’s also part of my testimony and who I am today,” she says. “I feel like it’s important to be honest and open about those things because there are so many other people that have stood exactly where I once did.”

Today, Thea Lissi stands taller than ever, ready to give the world her brand of soulful country that can only come when someone is ready to speak their total truth.

It’s time for Thea Lissi.